Whatsapp Status For Ex Girlfriend | Taunting and Insulting Messages

  • Now that I’m happy, I can understand that you let me go because it was too much for you.
  • If your ex does not bother you, God paid attention to you when you said deliver me from all evil, amen.
  • I remember when you said that I would never find anyone like you, today I am happy about it.
  • Only we know everything we need at this time.
  • Everyone in this life has a role, you were my toilet paper.

Funny and Taunting Status For Ex Girlfriend

Whatsapp Status For Ex Girlfriend

Best Status To make Ex Girlfriend Jealous

I do not regret anything, but I would like to recover the time you lost me.

How it hurts to say hello, when I told you before I love you.

You will see me and you will think that you lost me, I will see you and I will think about what I got rid of.

You are for me like February 30, for me you do not exist.

The day of my ex’s birthday I will go to see her and I will tell her, congratulations, finally you fulfill something.

It hurts the worst when the person that made you

I Hate You Status and Quotes For Ex Girlfriend

The worst mistake of your life was thinking that you would come to pray.

How I would like to eat an old stew with the hunger I have.

We are just strangers with some memories

There are limits when fighting for someone, and I overcame you.

After so much fear gone by being able to lose you I feel stupid.

You should know what he does with you, he learned everything from me.

My ex girlfriend status said suicidal


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