Whatsapp Status For Ex Boyfriend | Taunting and Insulting Messages

  • What I like the most about my EX, is that it is my EX.
  • This year on Halloween, I disguised myself as an EX … That’s scary.
  • Back to you? Not that I was an ecologist to walk around recycling.
  • Now that I’m happy, I can understand that you let me go because it was too much for you.
  • Someday I will tell your children that they could be beautiful but your father did not want me.

Funny and Taunting Status For Ex Boyfriend

Whatsapp Status For Ex Boyfriend

Best status To make Ex Boyfriend Jealous

I really do not hold a grudge against you, I just do not keep unnecessary things in my heart.

I am making some changes in my life, if I do not pick up the phone it is that you are one of them.

The important thing is to recognize our mistakes. I, for example, see my ex on the street and I know who he is.

I realized that it was easier to forget you than to wait for you to love me.

I would like you to be my sun, that you were 150,000,000 kilometers away from me.

If someone did something bad enough

I Hate You Status and Quotes For Ex Boyfriend

You asked me for time and distance, I thought you wanted to calculate the speed.

My ex taught me many things. One of them was to never again trust an idiot.

Dear Ex when you see me I want you to recognize

My ex became a flea, he’s jumping from bitch to bitch.

It’s not that I hate you. But let’s say that if you’re in a fire and I have water… I drink it.

You can not see the next one, if you’re too busy looking at your ex.

Dont cry when the sun is gone

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