Best Relationship Status For Whatsapp and Facebook

The relationship is abounding of two people who want to remain in beautiful relation. Relationship Status for WhatsApp makes you express your feeling and emotions through status. The relationship can be maintained with family, friends, lovers, colleagues and so on. Many relations depend on priority. The relationship is strong when it makes a positive impact on our lives and others for happiness.  Perfect relation becomes more valuable which leads to positive and lovely feelings. The sad relationship makes misunderstanding and must be in a state of complicated. Best strong relationship status makes you feel good, committed and ego-free. We have some latest cool and best status which can be shared on social media. We are having the collection which you are going to enjoy and love to share these statuses with others.

  • I want to hold a hand and start the trip.
  • Looking for my fragment of the world.
  • To the encounter of the magic of love.
  • Today I woke up wanting to hug you, to tie me to eternal love.
  • It was when I met you, when I came to understand, that I began to live.

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Relationship Status Hindi and English 2019

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status That Show Your Happiness

I understand love as the sea, where the beginning is seen, but not the end.

I’m dying to give you a kiss from those who speak for themselves.

And that’s when our words are silent, that’s when our lips better talk.

Available to appear small coincidences that illuminate my life of love.

I still believe in relationships that last an entire existence

i may not be perfect but i m the best

Sad Relationship Status in Hindi

पियर अगर दिल से हो तो जान भी दे सकते है, दुश्मनी अगर गलती से भी हुई तो जान ले भी सकते है

आपकी वजह से मैं बहुत हंसता हूं, बहुत कम रोता हूं और बहुत मुस्कुराता हूं

तू रूट्टा रूता सा होता है, कोई तो वजह बता मानाने की में जान तक गिरवी रख दूँगी तुझे मनाने के लिए.

मालूम होता तुझे चाहने की इतनी भारी सज़ा होगी, तेरी कसम पहली सज़ा लेती फिर तुझे अपना बना लेती.

ठीक है बदल जाओ तुम,लेकिन यह याद रखना की, हम बदल गए तो तुम करवटें बदलते रहे जावे.

True love isnt Romeo and Juliet who died together

Funny Whatsapp status For Relationship

I do not lack love, I lack who to love.

To meet the person who makes me see why it never worked with any other.

Looking with whom my eyes shine with love.

Will you accompany me to be happy for a good time.

How many things have to happen for two people to get to know each other

Its not what I feel for you

Relationship Status for Loved One

Two options always, you or nothing, nothing or you.

You are the most precious moment of my day to day.

Between you or a perfect life? There would be no perfect life without you.

It is wrong to say this, but I know that I am the most beautiful before your eyes.It is wrong to say this, but I know that I am the most beautiful before your eyes.

Night is the only part of the day when I see you with closed eyes.