Cute & Best Love Status for Whatsapp Ever 2019

Love is a simple word which can be described in a different way. Heart touching moments can be easily express by simple WhatsApp or Facebook status. Love is just a word until someone special gives it a meaning. Boy or Girl both search for the one who makes them happy. Sooner or later that happiness will evolve into love. Feelings that convey multiple emotions on a range of subjects and can easily be expressed by status on WhatsApp. Falling in love with someone is second another best thing in the world and people express their feelings by simply changing their status. There are many people who called you by your name but there are some people who show their feelings by WhatsApp status. Here are best Love Status for Whatsapp which will be used in future to express special emotions.

  • You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up and you’re the last thing I remember when I sleep.
  • What you do not know is that I miss you as a flower strange to the rain in drought.
  • You are the reason because life seems beautiful to me.
  • When I am with you I do not need anything else, next to you I feel that I have everything.
  • You are like a star, shine and color my nights.

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Short and Beautiful Love Status For Whatsapp

Love Status for Whatsapp

Whatsapp Love Status in Hindi

इंसान अपनी मर्जी से खामोश नहीं होता, किसी ने बहुत सताया होता है

ग़म हुन, दर्द हुन, साज़ हुन, या आवाज़ हुन, बस जो हुन तुम बिन बहुत उदास हूँ

हकीकत कुछ और ही होती है, हर गऊमूम इंसान पागल नहीं होता

टूट कर बिखर जात हैं वो लोग मिटटी की दीवारों की तरह, जो खुद से भ्ही जायदा किसी और से प्यार करते हैं

हम तो बेबजह ही करते रहे रौशनी की तलाश, रात दिए के सहारे कट सकती थी मालूम न था

बड़े ही बे-दर्द ह ये तेरी यादो क कैद खाने के मुहाफ़िज़ ज़रा सी आँख लगती हैं तोह पूरी ज़ंजीर हिला देते हैं

हमने सोचा था की बताएँगे सब दुःख दर्द तुमको, पर तुमने तो इतना भी न पूछा की खामोश क्यों हो

जो मिलते हैं वो बिछड़ते हैं हम नादाँ थे, एक शाम की मुलाकात को इश्क समझ बैठे

दिल की उम्मीदों का हौसला तो देखो, इंतज़ार उसका जिस को एहसास तक नहीं

लिख चूका हूँ तेरे लिए एहसास बहुत सारे, फिर भी जितना तुझे चाहा लिह नहीं पाया

Roz sochta hun tumhe bhool jaun

2 Lines Love Status in English For Whatsapp

My eyes reveal what I feel for you and the accelerated beating of my heart confirms it.

I always think of you and I do not know why that’s the only way I know that I like the memory of your smile.

I do not know if you were a coincidence or a coincidence I just know that I want you to stay in my life.

You are that moment in which I am happy, for a moment for a second I feel happy if it is with you.

Love is not something that is sought or found is something that is earned and must be valued.

I hate the distance between the two but I love when you kiss me because you missed me.

There are only two words that if you say them you change everything and those words are: I love you.

My world was gray and without any sense but little that I knew you filled it with color and life.

Maybe it was not our time, maybe it was not the time and we still love each other.

What I felt for you I have never felt for anyone, it is magical, it stops time in a look and says I love you without words.

Whenever I see your text the first thing

True Love Status For Girls and Boys Ever

In this life I was born twice, one was with my mother and another was when I met you.

Having my love by my side, I can not ask for anything more in this life.

I knew you as everyone but I loved you as nobody.

When I say I love you, I do not do it by compromise but because I feel it.

I like that your kisses and hugs are just for me.

I keep thinking about you even if you do not believe me.

Jab mein rooth jau to tum muje mana lena