2 Line Life Status For Whatsapp That Is So True

Life is a precious gift from God and we should enjoy this wonderful gift by just updating our Life Status on WhatsApp. Life Status for WhatsApp makes you feel awesome and beautiful when you get good remarks from your loved ones. Just have faith in yourselves and in the richness of your soul, the most precious gift that God has given you which in a word called “LIFE”. Make sure you get most out of your everyday results. Life is not a race to achieve but it is a most wonderful gift which should be enjoyed in a beautiful manner. We have some best status and quotes related to life and its journey.

  • I came to take the best decision of my life, I realized that you were the love of my life and I was happy
  • Nobody ever tell you no, when you want to come back for me, but you will never be able to find me.
  • Life is like this: you can break the clock but time will continue to pass.
  • In this world everyone is wrong, even the wisest, serve as my example.
  • It’s different to look at you and not feel you anymore, when I looked at you and I knew you would always be.

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Best Life Status in Hindi For Whatsapp

Life Status for Whatsapp

Happy Life Status For Whatsapp

Do not let the past prevent you from enjoying the present or drawing plans for the future.

To move forward in life, enjoy it and improve ourselves we just have to follow the advice of Guns n ‘Roses

Life is what I started to make sense of when I found you, what makes me so happy day by day.

There is nothing better in the world than to pick up the love we sow in those important people of our lives.

I would like to enjoy the freedom of your eyes, to lose myself in them and for your lips to find me.

Before you judge how I live my life

Status on Life and Love For Whatsapp

What does distance mean to me? A test of love for two people who love each other and whose wait is worth it.

Let my desires become dreams so that between them I find you.

You waste your time looking for happiness in things you want. Take advantage of the things you already have and then you will be happy.

In short distances you seem to me the most beautiful woman in the world, in long distances I need you more than ever.

Never make fun of a person who is ignorant in your eyes. Surely you are also ignorant to someone else.

Life is the greatest mystery

Boring Life Status For Whatsapp

The more I thought, the life is boring than that.

Why should I just go ahead with my boring life?

You have nothing to lose from your life.

Some of the time I act to be typical. In any case, it gets boring so I go back to being me.

Show them. Ordinary is Boring.

Life stops when you stop dreaming

Sad Life Status in Hindi For Whatsapp

I have suffered a lot but I have learned and each time it hurts less.

Every time he smiled it is because I have overcome a great sadness in my soul.

Life sometimes you get to give very sad lessons but teaches us to keep smiling despite everything.

Life is short and it is better not to give time to sadness.

If you feel crying, shout, get angry but take it out do not leave it inside you.