Heart Touching Quotes For Whatsapp – 2 Lines Status in Hindi

Heart Touching Quotes for WhatsApp show your emotions and love. The feelings of love cannot be understood by each and everyone but it can be understood by reading lines and status. Most beautiful, cute and lovely status will attract but heart touching status will make you feel different. A state of sadness is a part of life but heart touching sayings will make them looks different. Sometimes we become depressed, sad and disheartened but to get rid of these situations one of the best ways is let your family and friends know about your feeling by just updating your status on WhatsApp. Many true relationships when get broke up they actually take the support of these sad and heart touching quotes which makes them express their inner feelings to all.

  • In difficult situations many intense emotions appear. But do not forget that this can be a learning period if things do not go as we wanted.
  • When we fight for what we love, our emotions are close to the surface.
  • An emotional reflection on the person we love. In love, the most intense emotions are felt.
  • In love you have to let yourself go. It is the only way to express it.
  • Love is a thing of two. There should always be respect and affection in equal parts.

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Best Heart Touching quotes in Hindi and English

Heart Touching Status for Whatsapp

Most Heart Touching Quotes About Life and Love

For Life

When someone provokes intense emotions, it is possible that shyness takes over.

The most common way in which people give up their power is to think that they have none When someone has low self-esteem, they become vulnerable.

The world can not imagine the amount of happiness that is lost trying to find an alternative happiness to the one that already has.

Today is the first day of my new life , there will be no limits in my life because I will be happy.

Life is not easy, but an easy life would have no meaning.

I Dont Hate People I Just Feel Better

For Love

It’s crazy to love, unless you love yourself madly Another appointment with a touch of irony that speaks of love.

When you really love someone, every day you find a reason to fall in love with that person again Falling in love changes your perception , especially regarding the loved one. For you, it’s perfect.

I would go around the world if necessary, to be able to hold you in the back.

The difference is that I do not want you for me. I love you with me.

I do not need to shout to the world that I love you, it sounds better when I tell you in silence.

Some People Change Your Life

Very Heart Touching Quotes For Him & Her

You had the opportunity, and that form of the verb to have in the past, the present now is different.

Hate me for what I am, but never dare to love me for what you see.

I do not ask that you be perfect, I ask that you be mine because that will be perfect for me.

Learn that if love does not hurt it is not love, and that if it is not love it will hurt you even more.

If it hurts you, you are alive, but there should be another reason to be able to know.

You Call It Being Alone