Happy Birthday Mom From Son And Daughter

  • For you, who gave me life, I give you my whole being and my love, happy birthday, mother.
  • I hope you get to old lady just as beautiful as you are mom, happy birthday mother.
  • I can never thank you for everything you have done for me and what you have taught me in my life. You are the most important to me. I hope you never forget it, happy birthday mom.
  • Dear mother, today is your birthday and I see how you have always been my example of life to follow, thanks for all you have given me and I wish that all your dreams come true, happy birthday mom.
  • I want God to give you a rainbow for each storm, for each tear a smile, for each help blessings, and for every problem in your life a trustworthy friend to share it. For each sigh a sweet song and an answer to each sentence, happy birthday mom, I love you with all my heart.

Best Ways to say Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom From Son

May God bless in his day the woman who half the life , happy birthday mother.

Happy birthday delayed mom, but you know that they say that the best thing takes to arrive, so my congratulation is not only a congratulation, it is the best of the birthday congratulations. Partly because I’m your son and also because nobody feels something as pure as me. I love you mama.

For your birthday I would like all your dreams come true, especially that high, blond and muscular dream. Congratulations mum.

Today the woman who taught me everything I know is celebrating her birthday. I LOVE YOU MAMA.

Mother, congratulations, none of these birthday greetings for mom reaches, so you know how much I truly love you. Happy Birthday Mommy I love you.

the woman who sacrificed many a precious moments

Together we have spent the best moments of my life. Although today we are not together celebrating your birthday, when we meet again we will not stop for a week. Happy Birthday Mom.

Enjoy your day. May God take you by the hand on the path of prosperity and that you achieve all the purposes of your life, I love you mom happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Mommy!  Sorry I missed your birthday but I promise that I will compensate. I love you, I hope you’ve spent it surrounded by all our family and friends.

You who gave me life and are always aware of me, and I so forgetful. Happy birthday dear mom.

Happy birthday, Mommy from my heart. I love you with all my being.

If you were not my mom already

Birthday Wishes For Mom From Daughter

From the depths of my being, I love you and I love you mom, congratulations on your day.

Thanks to the universe for the wonderful being that gave me as a mom, a woman without comparison and valuable, happy birthday, mom.

You are the most correct and perfect person I know, happy birthday mom.

What can I tell you today in your day, if you gave me life and know me like nobody else? Congratulations more.

The years are like snot: the more you have, the harder it is to breathe. LOL! Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy Birthday Mom!  There is no gift with which I can thank my eternal debt with your mother, even if I lived a thousand years and more. Congratulations.

When I was little, you put your life on pause to take care of me with dedication. You have brought me up with great effort, thank you for everything and more, happy birthday, mom.

Happy birthday friend , I tell you this because I consider you a friend. You have always supported me in everything, and today in your day I want you to have the best of your mommy birthdays.

Happy Birthday Mom! Dear mother, I want to wish you my most sincere and pure congratulations, I want all your dreams come true because you deserve it.

Fatal birthday, that you fulfill them very badly, that you crush a gorilla to not see you anymore. LOL. Lie mom, without you I do not know what I would do. I love you.

The awsome memory of my childhood

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