Funny Status For Whatsapp in Hindi & English 2019

Nowadays typing messages are easier, we are truly thankful to the creator of WhatsApp and Facebook because they have given this platform to the user to share their feelings with loved ones. Status may be a good way to precise yourself. It’s Associate with expression. Funny Status for WhatsApp makes you feel amazing. There are millions of people who can use WhatsApp Messenger and they also change status day by day. All these Funny Status & Quotes will make your life is in comedy scene and will be more amazing and awesome.

  • I think I’m starting to develop a serious multiple personality disorder from so much thinking about you.
  • Love knocked on my door, and I had come out for bread.
  • Man who cooks attracts, but if he also washes the dishes, he falls in love.
  • I thought the Sun had come out, but now I’ve realized that it’s just that you’ve smiled.
  • To me, the only one who dominates me … is the dream.

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Funny Status For Whatsapp That Makes Others Laugh

Funny Status For Whatsapp

2 Lines Funny Status in Hindi

हम सरीफ बचे हैं जनाब !! Ankh bhi khol de पर जाने के लिए आपका स्वागत है

iPhone 7, 7 वां फोन कॉल है जो जो मेरे पास नहीं है।

मैं इतना गरीब हूं कि मैं क्लास में ध्यान नहीं दे सकता।

कृपया मेरे व्यक्तित्व और मेरे दृष्टिकोण के बीच भ्रमित न हों।

कभी भी बदसूरत लोगों के साथ झगड़े में न पड़ें, उनके पास खोने के लिए कुछ नहीं है।

चुप रहने और मूर्ख बनने के लिए बेहतर है, बोलने और सभी संदेह को दूर करने की तुलना में।

क्या आप मेरा उपकार कर सकते हैं? अपनी एक तस्वीर लें, और मुझे भेजें। मैं कार्ड खेल रहा हूं और मुझे जोकर की याद आ रही है।

मुझे पता है कि मेरे सिर में आवाजें वास्तविक नहीं हैं, लेकिन कभी-कभी उनके विचार बिल्कुल भयानक होते हैं

मैं हर किसी से प्यार करता हूँ! कुछ ऐसे लोग हैं जिन्हें मैं आसपास रहना पसंद करता हूं, और कुछ लोग जिन्हें मैं बचना पसंद करता हूं। और फिर कुछ और भी हैं जिन्हें मैं सिर्फ चेहरे पर मुक्का मारना पसंद करता हूं।

वे कहते हैं कि हम अपनी गलतियों से सीखते हैं। इसलिए मैं ज्यादा से ज्यादा बना रहा हूं! जल्द ही मैं एक जीनियस बनूंगा

I am one of those funny states

Best Funny Status in English For Whatsapp

I was scared to see you, you are so beautiful that I thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

I am one of those funny states that do not care what you think about him, go and investigate another one.

For mercy, give me a chance, it’s a cruelty to pass by my side and not be able to enjoy your company.

I know you’d like me to go out to dinner with you, but Monday through Sunday I find it totally impossible.

I will always love you no matter what happens, well less if you go with another, if you leave with another like I get a little angry.

Yesterday a thief came into the house and was looking for money so we both started searching.

My dog is my best friend, except when he bites me hard, when we play bites.

There are laughs that are heard a block away and then there is mine that looks like an old witch’s laughter.

What gives me more laughter is your crazy laugh that makes you laugh like a piglet until you cannot anymore.

If one day you feel something in your stomach, eat because it is hungry.

I think I m starting to develop a serious

Hilarious Funny Status For Whatsapp Ever

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